Super Visa vs. Regular Visa: Key Differences and Advantages

Super Visa Benefits Calgary

These days, as per the ongoing trend, people love to immigrate to different countries abroad. Now, they do so for many reasons, such as better living standards, to settle over there, to study, and many others. To make this possible, they usually consult an insurance broker Calgary to make the preferred choice & decision.

Super Visa Benefits Calgary

In the same way, different policies do have key differences from each other that make each one unique. But prior to knowing that, it is really important to know about the plans. So, let’s start by learning everything through this blog.

What is a Super Visa?

This is basically a visa by which parents can commute abroad, meet their kids, and get the time to live with their family. If people tend to get this visa from an immigration consultant, then they will surely experience super visa benefits Calgary that they would not be able to get if they applied themselves. 

The main reason why parents and grandparents choose this visa is that they get to stay for 5 long years. And in those years, they can visit and meet their kids anytime.

What is a Regular Visa?

This is the category that people usually apply to on a regular basis or in large numbers, such as for study, work, tourism, PR, etc. But PNP & super visas are not covered under this category because people prefer to get these types very rarely. It’s because a super visa is for parents, and only when they want to visit their kids do they need that. On the other hand, PNP people choose when they are actually not eligible to get the PR of their specified country.

Key Difference: Super Visa vs. Regular Visa

Now, let’s know the list of differences between these two types of visas:

 The Purpose of the Visit:

  • Super Visa:

This is a special type of visa that is mainly designed for the parents and grandparents of those who have permanent residence in a specific country. This visa fulfills the main purpose of family reunification.

  • Regular Visa:

People usually take this visa when they have to visit abroad for short-term trips such as conferences, events, etc. Basic visas like tourist, temporary work, and many others are covered under this. This type mainly fulfills the purpose of a short-term stay for everyone. 

Time of Stay:

  • Super Visa:

If parents choose this category, they get to experience super visa benefits Calgary under which they get a time limit of up to 5 years. And parents have the freedom to stay as long as they want with their kids or near and dear ones that have permanent residency in that country.

  • Regular Visa:

Regular visas often have a maximum stay period that is governed by the country’s laws as well as the particular visa type. This specific visa could last either for a few days or a few months.

Advantages of Super Visa & Regular Visa

Let’s look at the list of advantages now:

For Super Visa:

  • Long-Term Validity

The super visa usually has a long validity period. After getting the visa, parents get the convenience of visiting anytime without stressing about the visa for 5 long years.  

  • Multiple Entry

Like other visas, if parents visit their loved ones, then within some time, if they revisit, they won’t face any problems. Until the visa’s validity, parents have the convenience of visiting their family anytime. 

  • The Family Would Be Able to Reunite

Through this, parents and grandparents even get the ease of being able to conveniently reunite with their family members and spend as much time as they want.

For Regular Visa:

  • People Get Work & Study Opportunities

This visa would be beneficial for students and those who want to build their careers. By getting this visa, they will be able to get work as well as study opportunities, and they can start their career in the country they want.

  • People Get a Chance to Apply for Any Visa

There are numerous different types that fall under the regular visa category. So, this is also one of the benefits that people get to experience if they choose to apply under this category.

Final Thoughts

After learning everything, if you still want to obtain super visas for your parents and grandparents, get in touch with Harpinder Sidhu. We are here to help our clients in any way we can.


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