Countless Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents often bring their parents, grandparents, children, siblings and first cousins to Canada for a better life. But to be eligible for the super visa you have to purchase an insurance to cover the medical expenses for your parents while they are staying in Canada. Our company provides you the best Super Visa Insurance and Super Visa Benefits in Calgary, We deal with few of the top-notch Insurance Suppliers, in order to deliver you the best of the product at your service. We have been dealing in this department ever since Super visa program has started in December 2011. We have policies that meet the guidelines set by CIC so that your parents or grandparents get approved and visit you in Canada.


Super VISA insurance covers all the expenses, during any crisis on your arrival to Canada. It is also applicable if you are on a side trip or out of the country. It covers the emergency medical expenses during your stay in Canada. We offer you a wide range of insurance products and you can choose the right plan that falls under this category. This is one of the best ways to stay worry-free while you are enjoying welcoming your loved ones in your country.

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